A Natural Pre & Post Workout Option

Pre and post workout nutrition are areas that many people feel are unnecessary. I can agree so long one is able to meet their daily nutrition needs without supplementation. After all, using supplements is intended to supplement nutrients that one may not be able to meet with their regular diet. But let’s not mistake thisContinue reading “A Natural Pre & Post Workout Option”

Utilizing Progressive Overload For Hypertrophy

3×10: it’s the international bro-code for “I’m training to build muscle” and rightly so. If you train three or more times a week, it shouldn’t be any problem to get in at least four exercises per muscle group/movement. If you did 3×10 for four different exercises, you would get a total of 120 reps perContinue reading “Utilizing Progressive Overload For Hypertrophy”

My Roller Coaster Relationship With Training (Part I)

This is something I have been wanting to write for quite some time. The hesitation has mostly been due to my lack of clarity as to understanding why sharing a story about my training life would mean anything to the people reading. But reflecting on what it felt like during the years where motivation andContinue reading “My Roller Coaster Relationship With Training (Part I)”