How To Program For Training On A Budget

This article was originally written for JDI Performance. Life’s not fair. Plain and simple. But taking the back seat and weeping about one’s petty struggles is for the fragile man. In a collegiate setting the major three (football, basketball, baseball) always get priority when it comes to quality of facility and training resources. However, depending onContinue reading “How To Program For Training On A Budget”

Get Unmatched Isometric Strength With These Drills

  This article was initially a guest post for JDIPerformance. You can find the original article here: “This is a guest post from my friend Nick Knowles. Nick is a former  Division 1 wrestler who’s accomplishments include: NCAA Division 1 National Championships qualifier, east regional conferenece champion, all-american (runner-up) at NCWA national championships. He has since becomeContinue reading “Get Unmatched Isometric Strength With These Drills”

Energy System Development for Wrestlers (Part III)

The “father of Kinesiology”, Dr. Vladimir Zatsiorsky, states, “…the entire movement pattern, rather than the strength of single muscles or the movement of single joints must be the primary training objective.” This can be applied to conditioning as stated in the previous two articles. Coaches ought to look at the sport specific movements and posturalContinue reading “Energy System Development for Wrestlers (Part III)”