The Silverback Pull Up Protocol

*Disclaimer: This protocol is for someone who can do 6 or more strict bodyweight pull ups. I will be writing an article for those who aren’t yet proficient in bodyweight pull ups in the future. I’ve personally tried dozens of pull up routines. Most were great for a short period, but few offered a longContinue reading “The Silverback Pull Up Protocol”

Your Fad Diet Is Limiting Your Progress

Training for a performance based goal should not imply that one is opting for their health and body composition to slip for the sake of reaching that goal. This seems to be a misunderstanding amongst entry level to seasoned trainees and it is the fear of having a negative impact on health for the sakeContinue reading “Your Fad Diet Is Limiting Your Progress”

The Three Components of an Efficient Warm Up

Working with clients and being a member myself to a myriad of gyms and training facilities, I’ve seen just about every type of warm up imaginable. Some dragged out to take up more time than the actual workout, others executed so poorly that the participant may have been better off skipping it entirely. It seemsContinue reading “The Three Components of an Efficient Warm Up”